To achieve higher download and upload speeds, vendors and operators are planning to use a number of different technologies over the coming years in both HSPA and LTE networks. At their core, many of these technologies are related to better coordination among base stations, and the introduction of smaller base stations to help networks keep […]

Security researchers have intercepted a Mac-based Trojan attack targeting Uyghur human rights activists. The Uyghur are a minority ethnic group that live in Eastern and Central Asia, mostly (but not exclusively) within the geographical borders of China. A run of infected emails sent to Uyghur activists, and intercepted by security researchers at Kaspersky Lab, featured […]

OICT launches the enterprise portfolio management system – ePortfolio The ICT governance and project management frameworks are two key elements of the United Nations ICT strategy described in A/62/793. The Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) recently launched an ePortfolio tool to support both of these ICT strategic initiatives. In February 2010, representatives from […]